Background & Ethos

Sutton Community Academy is a Community Academy for students aged 11-18.  The Academy has a commitment to developing the potential of each individual child by striving for academic success; by valuing and encouraging the special talents of all children; by looking to educate the whole child in a wide range of personal skills; and by providing good discipline based on a firm, consistent and supportive system of pastoral care. The Academy is sponsored by Academy Transformation Trust who are a leading multi academy trust committed to transforming the learning opportunities and aspirations for its students and the communities in which they live. Academy Transformation Trust believe, like us, that every child matters and deserves a first class education. We are committed to playing our part in giving young people the education and opportunities they need to succeed in a changing world.

Sutton Community Academy has established its key principles for success.

These are:

  1. student achievement in all its forms is at the heart of everything we do
  2. that all staff and students are valued and supported
  3. that all staff give 100% commitment to supporting our students to excel
  4. collaboration and support for each other ensures a strong and effective organisation
  5. collaboration with local, national and international industry in all its forms will be a significant part of what we do to support our commitment of preparing students for life after education
  6. consultation and collaboration at all times with all members of the trust network will ensure progress for all
  7. commitment to meaningful learning opportunities to ensure no student fails to achieve and progress to a useful, fulfilling and appropriate life pathway
  8. the strengthening of parental engagement, community cohesion and the development of a Learning Community Model
  9. maximising the use of new technologies to strengthen independent learning
  10. developing innovative solutions to challenges and change

Commitment to our students

The students in our academy are our highest priority. We need to demonstrate our pledge to them, to support them to achieve and be able to access life opportunities.
This means that we will:

  • support all students to achieve at the highest level
  • ensure that all students achieve a progression qualification, supported by a recognised industry qualification, with achievement of 5 GCSE’s including English and maths exceeding national averages
  • offer all students in all Key Stages, learning personalised to their needs
  • offer all students in all Key Stages, innovative and cutting edge e-learning opportunities ensuring all are able to master new technologies as they emerge
  • offer careers and vocational advice at all Key Stages, to ensure that no student leaves education without a career plan
  • offer students the opportunity to be recognised for their achievement through varied and high profile awards strategies
  • ensure that all students are well prepared for managing their life beyond education
  • offer all students an entitlement to a range of extra curriculum experiences which broaden their horizons and raises their aspirations

Community Partnerships

Our students and communities are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to:

  • maximise community use of our facilities; ensuring that they benefit the local community, our students and staff and help improve their quality of life
  • increase and improve the quality of sporting and physical activity opportunities for the local community, our students and staff
  • provide opportunities for local people and sporting organisations to participate in high quality sport and physical activity and develop their skills and abilities
  • support community groups in helping to raise standards of coaching, training and volunteering
  • work with the right people in order to maximise all potential resources available so we can ensure the continued development of our sporting and community facilities.

We have a clear Behaviour Policy and as a guiding principle the phrase “Consideration for Others” which we constantly reinforce with our students and which helps to create the very special atmosphere of Sutton Community Academy; happy, purposeful and right for learning.

I hope that this gives you a flavour of what we are all about at Sutton Community Academy. We look forward to our onward journey to outstanding.

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