Applying to join us in 2016

Transferring to our academy

If you would like to join our academy please complete Nottinghamshire County Council’s in-year admissions form which can be found here.

If our academy is oversubscribed

  1. Children who are “Looked After” by a Local Authority or a child who was previously looked after but immediately following being looked after subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order
  2. Children who have a social or medical need which can only be met by attendance at this Academy. Any application under this heading must be supported by written evidence from a relevant professional (Doctor, Social Worker, EP etc) which must detail the relevant need and why the needs cannot be met in an alternative educational placement. The Governing Body will consider each individual case.
  3. Children who will have a brother or sister attending the school at the time of admission
  4. Children living in the designated catchment area of the Academy
  5. Children living outside the designated catchment area of the school who live closest to the school as measured by straight-line distance.

Admissions Appeals

Please visit Academy Transformation Trust website to find out how to appeal.

Admissions Policy

For our full Admissions Policy (2016/17) please click here. This applies to any applications to start at our academy after January 2016.

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