At Sutton Community Academy we believe that every student is a mathematician and we aim to ensure that all students are equipped with the mathematical skill they need to progress on their chosen career path.


Students are taught all the mathematics topic to ensure that they are able to show their full potential at GCSE mathematics. The four main topic areas are number, algebra, geometry and statistics.
However, in order to ensure that there is a breadth and depth of skills there is strong emphasis on basic numeracy, collaborative learning and problem solving abilities in mathematics lessons.
Students in Y7 to Y11 have four mathematics lessons each week, three of these lessons will be on new content and knowledge. In one lesson each week students will work on number skills and enhance their problem solving abilities aiming towards a GCSE in mathematics assessed by AQA.


Enrichment is provided in the curriculum and as extra-curricular activities. Students are invited to attend various after school clubs in mathematics, including ones which focus on life skills, high ability problem solving and targeted revision sessions.
Mathematics trips are run throughout the year as appropriate.
Groups of students are always entered for the UKMT Challenge at the appropriate level.
The mathematics department supports the NSPCC Number Day.


In lessons all students have opportunities to use the mathematics they learn in real life applications. Each term in Y7 and Y8 students take part in a SMSC/LIMB project to deepen their understanding about the use and application of mathematics.

Examples of these include:

Year 7 Year 8
Autumn term Christmas around the World Comparison of countries
Spring term Eating habits Gambling awareness
Summer term Rock club Designing a garden

In Y9, Y10 and Y11 students are exposed to SMSC and LIMB regularly in their mathematics lessons.


Regular assessment takes place in lessons.
In Y7 and Y8 are assessed formally after each topic on their knowledge and application using bespoke assessments. Y9, Y10 and Y11 are assessed formally at the end of each half term on their subject knowledge and application. Students are directed to work on any areas of weakness using the mymaths website.
All students will be entered for their GCSE with AQA (New Specification) GCSE in mathematics. Students will be entered at a level appropriate to their ability, Foundation (grades 1 to 5) or Higher (grades 4 to 9).


Homework is set by the classroom teacher every two weeks. Students in Y7 and Y8 are set a longer project to complete at home every half term. Homework is an essential part of the learning process.

Sixth form

Students in the 6th form study for the AQA AS/A2 level qualification. Core 1, core 2 and mechanics are taught in Year 12. Core 3, core 4 and a choice of statistics or decision are taught in year 13. Available grades at A2 level qualification are A*, A, B, C, D and E.

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