David Mackey, Principal of Sutton Community Academy said “The Internet is an established fact of daily life and young people interact with it through a variety of media and devices more than any other generation. They will be carrying forwards its capacity and usage to levels that we can barely imagine at present. However, like all powerful tools it has its dangers as well as its benefits and it is the responsibility of schools in partnership with other organizations to educate young people to protect themselves and use it responsibly. This is what our campaign activities will be doing.”

The documents below have information and advice about various subjects of internet safety.

Cyberbullying Guide
A Parents’ guide to Facebook
A Parent’s Guide to Instagram
A Parents’ guide to dealing with Sexting
A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat
A Parent’s guide to your child’s digital word (From Vodafone)
Safer Internet Day 2019
Social Media Library
The Parent, Educator & Youth Guide to LGBTQ Cyberbullying
Your Digital Profile (2014)

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