Absence During Term Time

Attached is an application form for you to request permission for your child to be absent from school. Before completing the application form, please read these notes carefully:

We are coming under increasing pressure from central Government, through the inspection process, to hit targets.

One aspect of attendance that the Government is particularly keen for schools to take an assertive stance on, is term time holidays. The Local Authority has issued Policy guidance on the matter; it is clear and uncompromising. The position of the Government is no holidays in term time. I appreciate that this position will create difficulties for some families, but Governors will wish to support Government and LA Policies or Ofsted will ask why they have chosen not to.

 In summary:

 • Term time holiday requests will not be sanctioned, except in extreme personal circumstances. This will be decided by the Assistant Principal and the Student Support Team.

 • Days taken for holidays in term time will be recorded as unauthorised absence and may lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice. Such absence masquerading as illness will be recorded similarly.

 Having read these notes, if you still wish to apply for a leave of absence for your child then please complete the application attached. This form should be returned to Sutton Community Academy office as far in advance of the proposed leave as possible.

Sutton Community Academy

Application for absence in term time

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