Computer Science

What will I study?

This qualification offers a mix of theoretical and practical units of work, with the expectation that students will develop their programming skills. Students are advised that due to the high coursework content they will need access to a computer at home in order to meet project deadlines.


You will begin acquiring knowledge and understanding of software, system development, data and applications.  Practical work is designed to develop the practical aspects of Computing in a way that would not be possible through a written examination. The main objective will be the analysis, design, software development, documentation, testing and evaluation of a system leading to a solution to the given problem.


This year is about acquiring additional knowledge and understanding of software, system development, data and applications.  Students are required to analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate a computer solution to a substantial problem of their own choice. The system proposed by you may consist of one integrated program or a suite of related programs or may use an applications package together with an underlying programming language.

What does it combine with?

This A Level fits perfectly amongst A Level Maths and A Level Physics.


Where can it lead to?

This is an ideal course to complement further study in Computing or a related area through a range of higher education / vocational courses (e.g. Computer Science, Computing, and Software Engineering) or direct entry into employment. It will also provide a basis for students wishing to follow a career in computer gaming, website design and in other IT related careers.


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Assessment is:
AS Level – 32.5% Exam, 17.5% Coursework
A2 Level – 32.5% Exam, 17.5% Coursework
Units are marked at A – E at AS Level and A* – E at A2 Level


Entry requirements

5 or more GCSEs at 9 – 4, including grade 6 in Maths, grade 4 in English and grade 6 in Computing

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