English Language

What will I study?

As the dominant language in the modern world, communication through English governs the media, advertising, law and business.

In working towards an English Language A Level you’ll learn about both the past, the present and the possibilities for the future of the language. You’ll be encouraged to explore how it is used to communicate through spoken and written texts, ranging from chat shows and radio broadcasts to horoscopes and a wide range of genres in fiction. The different variations of the English language will be analysed, developing your understanding and appreciation of English in all its contexts. You’ll look at accents and dialects, how language conveys prejudice, how we manipulate our audiences and how men and women may use language differently.

Key topics will include, original writing, spoken language study and language and society. You can expect to develop your skills as a writer, take part in language research and analyse spoken and written texts as part of your A Level study.


What does it combine with?

A Levels such as Media, English Literature, Business Studies, Law, History, French and Psychology, would all complement an English Language A Level.


Where can it lead to?

An English Language A Level is highly regarded by universities, providing a solid grounding for continued study at degree level.  Degree programmes in English language or literature, creative writing, history, politics, journalism and media and communications, are all possible routes into Higher Education. Your career options include work in publishing, advertising, law, media and teaching (with further study or teaching abroad).


You might be interested to know…

It is the perfect combination of creativity and analysis as you have to produce your own fiction and non-fiction writing for coursework and also closely evaluate a range of texts – so English Language suits every type of mind!

Each year we have high pass rates for students on the English AS and A Level courses.

The teaching staff for this course have many years of experience working in education and teaching English.


Entry requirements

Higher paper at GCSE and at least a grade 6 or above achieved



AS – paper one

Language and the individual

Paper two

Language varieties


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