English Literature

What will I study?

Studying A Level English Literature at Sutton Community Academy will encourage you to develop your interest and enjoyment of the written word. By reading widely, and critically, across centuries, gender and genre, you will develop as an independent reader and critic.

You will be taught to critically analyse a text according to its historical and cultural period and, as well as enjoying great works, you’ll develop keen powers of analysis and an understanding of literature in all its forms.

During the A Level course you will be introduced to a range of novels, critical theory, poetry and drama.


Where can it lead to?

Many students decide to continue their study of English Literature at university. This A Level can also be used to gain access to a Degree in history, creative writing, politics, media and communications or journalism.

The skills taught on this course will equip you with the knowledge necessary for a working life in teaching, publishing, the media, social work, law and the public sector (defence, education or social security).


You might be interested to know…

Year after year the pass rate for this course is continuously high. The teachers have a passion and enthusiasm for the subject which they keen to share!


Entry requirements

It is expected that you will have completed the Higher paper in GCSE Literature and gained a grade 6 or above.

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