What will I study?

Physics is a fundamental science subject and the key to understanding the world around us and the world beyond us. It’s the study of matter, energy, force and motion, which can challenge our imagination and lead to world-changing discoveries such as lasers and computers.

We currently deliver the OCR A level course that has 2 modules in year 12 and 2 more in year 13. There are also ISA tests to be done in both years. The programme of study builds upon the studies from year 10 and 11.


What does it combine with?

The Physics A Level combines well with the A Levels in Biology, Mathematics or Chemistry.


Where can it lead to?

A Level Physics students are equipped with skills and knowledge that can transfer to a range of varied careers. You could choose to seek employment in engineering, medicine, forensics, sports science, geophysics, aeronautics, nanotechnology, research or teaching. Former students have gone into a range of careers including architect, radiographer and accountant. If you intend to continue studying at university level, the Physics A Level can lead on to a whole range of degree courses such as photonics, engineering, information technology, and medicine.


You might be interested to know…

The physics teachers have a combined experience of teaching physics of over 22 years.


Entry requirements

Science GCSE grade 6 or above

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