What will I study?

The A level course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of Spanish. Not only will you know more about vocabulary and grammar, but you will also learn how people live and use the language on a day to day basis.

The A level course covers a wide range of interesting and engaging issues. In the first year you will study six topics. These are Family, Technology, Voluntary work, Heritage, Music and the Arts. Studying the language through these interesting topic areas build on all of your languages skills and enable you to express your own views with confidence. In addition you will study Spanish Literature.

In the second year you will study three further topics – Multiculturalism, social exclusion, crime, politics, unions and immigration.


What does it combine with?

A foreign language combines well with many subject areas such as English, Business, Travel and Tourism, Law and complements other subjects such as Science and Maths.


Where can it lead?

Not only is A level in a foreign language beneficial at a personal level, but it can also help with many  career  paths.  For  those  who  want  to  specialise  in  Spanish, there’s translation or teaching. Or you may want to work in the travel or tourism industry. In addition, if you want to become an engineer or a designer, for example, or work in business, being proficient in a language will give you broader career options, or give you the option of working abroad.


You might be interested to know…

Spanish A level is highly regarded by universities and it can be combined with many different subjects at degree level. You spend a year abroad as part of a languages degree course.


Entry requirements

GCSE level 9 – 6

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