Travel & Tourism

What will I study?

You will study two of the most exciting, dynamic and fastest growing industries in the world. You will complete a detailed study of the many components of the travel and tourism industries. You will explore pressures on the industries such as terrorism, natural disasters, climate change and mass tourism. You will investigate sustainable solutions to the problems. You will be expected to prepare for exams but also to complete independent research into a range of topics. This research is unique to the individual student, designed by them and supported by the teacher. So, independent learning is a significant part of the course. Visits into the industry are a key part of the course – past residential visits have included London, Edinburgh & Jersey.


What does it combine with?

A levels in English, Geography, Business Studies and ICT would all complement Travel & Tourism


Where can it lead?

It can lead to a wide range of occupations within the Travel & Tourism such as an airline flight attendant, national park ranger, travel agent or hotel manager.
Further study at university is possible on courses such as Travel Management, Marketing in travel & Tourism, Conservation and Tourism


You might be interested to know…

An A level in Travel & Tourism will open many doors of opportunity within the Travel and hospitality – both at local and global level.
Where would you choose…? Working in a hotel in London, Dubai or Australia…? The world becomes your oyster!


Entry requirements

You do not have to have studied GCSE Travel & Tourism, but this would be advantage. 5
GCSEs, Grade C or above, including Maths and English.

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