Forensic Science

What will I study?

The interest in TV programmes such as CSI and Bones have lead to a rise in the popularity of Forensic Science. Our Forensic Science course is an applied science course so there is a lot of practical and hands on Science. We study the different methods of collecting evidence from our specially created Crime Scene rooms and how to analyse the evidence collected. Students also study anthropology, toxicology, blood testing and splatter analysis, ballistics, finger printing and hair/fibre testing. Alongside all the Forensics we also cover some Medical Science, Industrial Espionage and Photography.

What does it combine with?

This combines well with any other science subject but also IT, Business or any other subject that involves research.

Where can it lead to?

Due to the level of hands on practical aspects of the course the skills are transferable. As well as studying Forensics at University students can use the UCAS points toward any degree subject.


You might be interested to know…

The awards are Pass, Merit and Distinction which compare to an E, C and A respectively at A level.


Entry Requirements

We require at least a C at GCSE. A grade C or better in English is also preferred.

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