Health and Social Care – Level 3

What will I study?

The course is over two years. The whole course worth is 60 credits and is made up of assessed units. A unit usually last one term and consists of a variety of tasks. A task may be an essay, a presentation, a booklet or a role play. You will assess your own skills, values & beliefs and study effective communication, health & safety & equality & diversity in your first year. In the second year you will research the life of a famous celebrity and apply theories of ageing to them. Psychological & sociological perspectives are also studied.


What does it combine with?

This course works well with most other subjects and in particular sociology and psychology. You will be applying theories to people in Health & Social Care settings and therefore will need a good level of literacy. You may combine English with this qualification.


What can it lead on to?

You could follow this qualification by going into the world of work – career opportunities could be in the care sector- nursing homes, care home supporting people with learning disabilities. The work experience may help to show future courses or work places that you have had experience in the work place and know how to present yourself and behave professionally.


You might be interested to know…

There is no exam.

You will need to have a DBS- an enhanced check to allow you to work with vulnerable people.

There is 50 hours of work experience. This could be in a hospital, care home, school or other health & caring setting.

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