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A foreword from our Principal


Dear Parents / Carers

Over the coming months you will be supporting your sons and daughters as they consider the next stage of their education. You will be wanting them to gain the very best foundation for their chosen future, whether for university, further education or employment. A wide range of personal and academic skills, recognised by employers and universities, will be the strong foundation needed by all young people, to adapt to the flexibility of a rapidly changing world.

The Sixth Form at Sutton Community Academy provides a wide range of courses. We have a proven, and continually improving, track record for the success of our students both in gaining academic success and gaining places at university and employment. Combined with this wide range of AS, A and Vocational courses we have a very broad and challenging enrichment programme for our Sixth Form which includes: Key Skills for future study and employment, Personal, Social and Health Education, Community action and Enterprise business opportunities and a sports and recreation facility

We are fortunate at the Academy to also have the resources of our Adult Education Department, to access additional courses for 6th Formers. We know students very well, and because of this we are able to guide them onto courses which suit their needs and offer them the best chance of success.

We want students who are well-organised, adaptable, hard-working, good team workers and who can think for themselves and communicate well with others.

The Sixth Form at Sutton Community Academy is very well placed to offer what students need. We are pleased that this was recognised by the Ofsted inspection in November 2016 as good. “The teaching and support students receive enable them to achieve well so they are well prepared for their next stage of life”

The report also confirmed that “Achievement in the sixth form is good. In 2016, students’ progress across most subjects improved and was close to the national average in both academic and vocational courses”

The Sixth Form is growing every year and students are leaving having successfully gained places in universities and employment. Last year over 83% of students successfully enter Higher Education. However, we are not complacent about student success, and will be continuing to work hard to get the full potential from all our students. We continue to strive for the very best. Please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Sixth Form, David Mackey, if you have any queries.

May I wish you and your sons and daughters all the best for the next phase of their education.

Tim Croft

A message from the head of Sixth Form


Dear Students
This is a very exciting time for each and every one of you.  You will make choices in the next few months that will potentially affect your lives forever and guide the career path you wish to follow.  You must be sure you make the right choice FOR YOU and that is what we are here to help you do.
Here at Sutton Community Academy, we have a very successful Sixth Form with a very wide curriculum on offer.  Because you have been part of our school community for five years we are able to tailor courses to your needs.  This ensures you get on the right course to start with and have the best chance of success.  We are very proud of our record of supporting students in their studies and creating a caring learning environment.  Our teaching staff is very experienced and we have an excellent record of success at delivering A-level and vocational courses as evidenced by the recent OFSTED report which included comments such as:

  • High expectations for the students and has recently implemented changes that have improved the quality of education.
  • “all students receive advice and guidance to ensure that they embark on the most appropriate courses, based on their prior attainment and their career ambitions”
  • Through the newly implemented regular checks on students’ progress, the head of sixth form is able to ensure that students receive the support they need to make the progress they should in their learning.
  • Students have good relationships with each other and their teachers. Where learning is most effective, students receive close support from their teachers to ensure that they understand the work. They engage well in class discussions, considering the views of others and contributing their own ideas.
  • Achievement in the sixth form is good. In 2017 we once again improved our Progress and Attainment scores.
  • Teachers provide wide-ranging opportunities for students to secure their personal development and welfare, and to develop their understanding of life in modern Britain.
  • They are able to take on positions of responsibility, for example becoming ambassadors for the school and mentors for younger pupils.
  • Students receive effective careers advice and guidance during their time in the sixth form. All students benefit from work experience placements and this helps them prepare for their next steps.

Staying on is not just one or two more years of school, you will be entering a different world.  You will still have a tutor to support you and look after your general welfare, but you will be treated in a more adult way and our expectations are very high of the Sixth Form in terms of attitude to learning and general conduct and appearance.  You set the example for the whole Academy and as such we entrust a lot of responsibility to you.  You could also be involved in a whole range of events – social, cultural, fund raising and adventurous.  We encourage you to develop as a person and take an active role in school life.
Please read this booklet carefully and then speak with staff at the Academy about the range of courses you wish to take. We look forward to welcoming you to Sutton Community Academy Sixth Form in September 2018.

David Mackey – Head of Sixth Form (Senior Assistant Principal)

Neil Groves – LOLA YEAR 13 (Sixth Form coordinator)

Angela Finn – LOLA YEAR 12

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