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For BBC News School Report we decided to look at Muslim discrimination. This is a sensitive subject so please do not get upset or offended about this. These are our thoughts and opinions and not those of Sutton Community Academy or the BBC.

Discrimination is noticing and pointing out the differences in other people as well as being unfair to people of a different sex, race, age or religion. It is also a worldwide problem which is growing every day. Due to the ongoing ISIS attacks the world over, parents may be transferring their worries to younger generations causing Muslim discrimination to be perpetuated. Our opinion of Muslim discrimination is that it is a cold blooded act on other religious people.

We have interviewed a Muslim man (who wished to remain anonymous) about his recent experience of being discriminated against shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris. We asked him 2 pertinent questions:

  1. How did it make you feel when you were discriminated against?

    ‘’I was really upset at first but came to realise that everything that has gone on with the Paris attacks was not my fault.’’

  2. What would you say about people who judge so quickly and why?

    ‘’I would have to say that all Muslims are not the same because we come from very different backgrounds than what the others [terrorists] do. A lot of the time people are not educated about our beliefs and this upsets me and I will always tell to them that it’s important to know the facts before making a judgement”. We take for granted discrimination in this way as we have never experienced these comments but Muslims are in a far worse situation. People in general are getting worried due to the recent attacks on Paris. Many Muslims are sometimes receiving all forms of abuse for even carrying a bag. We need to remember however that ISIS are not Muslims as they have broken away from their religion as they have not followed the five pillars of Islam. One member of our school community had this interesting point to make. “As an 11 year old boy growing up in a multi-cultural and diverse community. I find it hard to understand how human beings can be so cruel to each other. In recent years we have seen the rise of terrorist attacks in the name of Allah and this has led to the minority of Muslims being tarnished with the same brush. In my opinion, this is unjust. Muslims have feelings too. We shouldn’t judge everyone by the actions of a mindless minority”

By Jayce and Morgan, BBC News School Report Team.


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