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On the 23rd June 2016, Britain voted on the issue of the European Union. Our country voted to leave the European Union so we decided to ask adults in our school community what they thought on our decision to leave the EU.

Our respondent’s reasons to stay were so we could be part of a bigger organisation for protection and to secure jobs. They said that ‘unity is strength’ and ‘leaving the EU will create uncertainty for the British people’. In the EU we can trade and have free movement around Europe.

The counter arguments are the reasons to leave. One of our respondents said that potentially the biggest perceived benefit of leaving is that ‘being an independent country means that the European Union cannot create laws or regulations against our will. We will be free to make our own decisions and govern our country as we see fit’.

Another perceived benefit of leaving, mentioned in some of our surveys, is immigration control. With recent acts of terrorism in mainland Europe, being able to control who comes into and out of our country is a worry for some people. Being a member of the EU means we have to accept freedom of movement across Europe. Some people argue that if freedom of movement was limited we may be able to better protect the UK from extremism and other negative influences. Many factors do of course exist to balance these out, however.

Here is a pie chart of the results from our respondents:

77.77% of our respondents surveyed voted to stay in the EU. 22.22% of our respondents voted to leave. However, whatever they voted, they all had differing views on the reasons over their vote.

Theresa May has promised that Article 50 will be launched at the end of March this year. However, the British public is still divided over our country’s future. As a country, we are still uncertain over what leaving the European Union will mean.

Written by Rebecca, Jamie and Matilda

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