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Throughout your time at Sutton Community Academy you will take part in a wide variety of activities, lessons, and visits which will enable you to gain valuable knowledge about jobs and courses that may be of interest at various stages throughout your life. We help you to understand this information as it is an essential skill that you will need to help you get jobs in the future.


Make sure that you regularly access your Grofar account, where you can use the resources area to help you research different ideas, update your goals and action plan, and request a Careers appointment.

Our Careers Advisor, Jayne Drury, is in school each week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to provide support in making a well-informed, realistic decision about what to do after leaving Sutton Community Academy and to help you to think further ahead about what you may wish to do in the future. You can request a Careers appointment with Jayne at any time via your tutor, GroFar or by speaking to Jayne in the Career Office by CY2.

Useful documents

CV Template
Cover Letter Template
Work Experience Letter Template

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