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The Parent Portal is our online gateway for parents and carers to view current information about their child or children.

Sutton Community Academy’s offering of a Digital Parental Engagement differs from that of many other products available, in that it is entirely bespoke, and with that comes a greater flexibility to create a large ecosystem of modules to benefit our Students and Parents.

Launching Spring 2016, the Parent Portal is still in its infancy, but we are already in a position to offer attendance, behaviour, achievements and attainment information. We are also in the process of collating past reports and re-publishing them through the Parent Portal.

In an increasingly digital world, many business and schools have an online presence. It is widely accepted that people now expect to be able to communicate and access data digitally through the internet.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in parental communication through our website and social media. Therefore we have decided that now is a good time to venture further into this space by providing targeted student information to parents digitally.

Whilst this isn’t a new idea, and some schools have been offering this for a number of years, we believe that our offering, because of its bespoke nature, will have the capacity and scope to become something quite unique and exciting, whilst all the time strengthening links with parents and the Academy.

The Parent Portal is a bespoke solution, designed from the ground up with our parents in mind.

With a swift sign up process, support for desktop & mobile devices and access from all over the world any time of day we hope you find it easy and a pleasure to use.



The attendance module first shows a summary of attendance information, including a breakdown of present, authorised and unauthorised absences, graphically shown by an interactive pie chart.

There is also a live view of attendance information for the current week, showing marks for AM and PM registrations.

This can be further broken down for previous weeks, showing lateness and periods of absence.



The behaviour module gives a running tally of referrals a student has received.

This is broken down by half term and the type of referral. Further information can be seen by hovering over the summary totals (or pressing on a touch screen device) to see the actual dates a referral was made.



The achievement module shows a list of all special commendations given to a student, when it was and what it was for.



The attainment module shows the current reviews as given by subject teachers to a student and these are colour coded against the target.

The reviews are categorised by half term.



The report module allows you to download previous reports for a student (The kind that are printed and sent home three times per year).


Future Updates

We already have a roadmap of planned future updates.

Unfortunately we can’t yet guarantee a time when these will occur but you will be kept up to date as these are made available.