Sutton Community Academy have registered with The Parent Zone who provide information, help, advice, support and resources to parents, teachers and health professionals and anyone who engages with parents.  They are a small but dynamic team drawn from different backgrounds and specialities with one clear aim – to make life easier for parents and those who support them.  The Academy will keep up-to-date with useful information which we will update below and post via Facebook.  You can access The Parent Zone website here.

[Whilst the Parent Zone is highly recommended and reputable, the following articles may not reflect the views of the Academy and we take no responsibility for the content].


Children’s Mental Health in Lockdown

Parent Guides, E-safety/Online gaming/Social Media

Parent Guides

Tackling LGBT Bullying at School

Tackling LGBT Bullying at School

If your child is being bullied for LGBTQ+

Learning Disabilities, Autism and Internet Safety

Learning Disabilities, autism and internet safety

Settling into a new Secondary School

Secondary school – the first few weeks

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity – a new epidemic?

Helping your child learn to read

Games to help your child learn to read