We had a notification from the family of a student who tested positive for COVID 19. I contacted the Department for Education schools helpline on the morning of 6th October to take advice on how we should respond to this situation.

Since the student was only diagnosed with COVID 19 on Monday morning, and didn’t have any symptoms until early that morning, the advice is that there is no further action to take at this point. The DfE advice is that people with the virus are only infectious in the two days prior to the onset of symptoms, which in this case would have been over the weekend. The student was not in school on Monday 5th October. In order to reassure parents, I contacted the experts again on Monday afternoon and the same advice was provided to me.

I realise that this is a development that will cause some concern, but as we have been doing from the very beginning of the COVID 19 situation, we are following the Government advice and guidance, through maintaining bubbles, conducting enhanced cleaning throughout the school and providing hand sanitiser in every classroom and around the building. Should the advice change from the experts we will respond in line with this and contact you to advise accordingly.

Please follow the link here for further advice on what action to take if you suspect your child has symptoms of COVID 19.


Mary Cox