Accessibility Plan
Accessibility Policy
Admissions Policy 2020-21
Admissions Policy 2021-22
Anti Bullying Policy
Anti-Bullying Procedures
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
Behaviour Rewards
CCTV Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Communications Policy
Complaints Policy
Complaints Policy
COVID-19 & Admission Appeals
Curriculum Policy
Curriculum Procedures
Data Protection
E-Safety Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy (Staff)
Equalities Policy
Ethical Leadership Policy
Exclusions Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
Health and Safety Policy
Home Academy Agreement Form
Inclement Weather Policy
Medical Conditions Policy
Privacy Policy Parents-Carers
Privacy Policy Parents/Carers
Pupil Premium Policy
Reasonable Force Policy
Safeguarding Addendum - COVID 19
Safeguarding and Child Protection (updated July 2020)
SEND Information Report
SEND Policy
Sex and Relationships Education
Social Media Policy
Whistleblowing Policy