The Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr G. Rae: Trust Executive Principal (Sutton Community Academy & The Dukeries)
  • Mr L. Taylor: Head of Academy – Strategic oversight, standards & culture
  • Mr R. Fegan: Vice Principal –  Quality of Education

Assistant Principals:

  • Mr S. Lee – Behaviour and attitudes
  • Miss A. Paulson – Teaching, learning & assessment
  • Mr B Jones – Inclusion & attendance
  • Mrs L. Foulds – Personal development

Associate Assistant Principals:

  • Miss G. Walters – SENDCO
  • Mrs G. Brailsford – DSL
  • Ms L. Jugg – Languages development (Sutton Community Academy & The Dukeries)

 Key Child Protection Officers

  • Mrs G. Brailsford – Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Miss C. McKeegan – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

More information about our academy safeguarding team can be found here.

Pastoral Team

Mr R. Carlin – Head of Year 7

Mrs C. Little – Head of  Year 8

Mr C. Hawkins – Head of  Year 9

Mr C. Goulding – Head of  Year 10

Mrs J. Durrant – Head of Year 11

Mrs A. Finn – Head of 6th Form

Heads of Departments and Curriculum Leaders

Miss S. Newcombe – Head of Art, Design & Technology

Miss J. Brunt – Head of English, Media & Law

Mrs. E. Vincent – Head of Humanities

Ms L. Jugg – Head of Languages

Mrs L. Smalley – Head of Mathematics & Computing

Mrs A. Lupton – Head of Performing Arts

Mrs M. Dymond – Head of PSHCE, H&SC and Careers

Dr A. Larkin – Head of Science

Miss A. Brooks – Head of Sport