Expectations For September 2023


Our uniform is supplied by Uniform Direct, from whom you can order online. We are sure they will do everything they can to provide you with an efficient service. If you require more information about purchasing uniform please telephone Uniform Direct on 01522 568865. Please see Uniform Direct’s purchasing guide below.

Parents Guide

Uniform Direct School Price List



Standard Uniform

Black Blazer (With Academy Logo) *

Black Jumper (With Academy Logo) *

White Shirt

Striped Tie (With Academy Colours) *

Black Trousers.  Jeggings or leggings are prohibited.

Black Skirt of a conventional material, only pleated or A-Line skirts will be allowed from September 2023, (below the length of the blazer).

Black Shoes

[* available from Uniform Direct]




Short Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt or Polo Shirt *

Long Sleeve Sports Jersey *

Black Sports Socks *

Black Fleece  *

Black Shorts/Black Skirt

Black Tracksuit Trousers

Black Sports Leggings

White Ankle Socks

[* available from Uniform Direct]




All students require a School Bag together with Pens, Pencils, Ruler and Rubber.

Further Uniform Policy Information

Plain black trousers or skirt of a suitable length (below the level of the blazer) of a conventional material, and pleated or A-line only.  Plain black tights allowed.

Sutton Community Academy tie clipped in at the collar [can be purchased from Student Reception].

Plain buttoned white shirt with collar of a conventional material and ‘Academy’ style with buttons to collar and worn tucked into trousers at all times.

Sutton Community Academy blazer with Academy badge and worn with sleeves down [no badges] to be worn at all times and on arrival at school in the morning.

Further Uniform Guidance:  Other items

Black leather/suede school shoes only – see images on leaflet for guidance.

Black school socks/tights.

Outdoor coat; Students may wear a school coat outside academy buildings however coats are not to be worn indoors. Denim, hoodies/zipped hoodies, tracksuit tops are not allowed on school site. As you would expect, items bearing logos are not permitted.


Piercings/Jewellery/Hair – This policy has been updated for 2023

The expectations around jewellery, piercings and hair and what is permitted are listed below:

  • Maximum of two piercings in ears (studs only)
  • One nose stud (not hoops or septum)

No other visible piercings are permitted.

  • One ring
  • One bracelet
  • One watch
  • Maximum 3mm nails and only one nail varnish colour
  • One natural colour of hair

Students will be expected to remove any items of jewellery which falls outside of these expectations.


Headwear: hats and caps are not permitted to be worn in school or on the school premises.

Headwear worn for religious reasons must be plain black.

Hair should be of one natural colour only, cut and styled in a natural way. For example, cuts such as mullets and two colour ‘harlequin’ styles are both unacceptable.

Make-Up (including drawn on eyebrows) must be discreet. False eyelashes are not permitted.

Nails should be short with only one colour of nail varnish.  False nails are not permitted.

If there is any debate about what is considered appropriate for school, the Principal or a designated member of SLT will make the final decision.

Examples are given in the Uniform Guide at the top of the page. This list is not exhaustive and the Principal will make the final decision.