Summer 2024 Timetable Public Year 11

Summer 2024 Timetable Public Year 12-13

23-24 Candidate Exam Handbook



Certificate Collection December 2023


JCQ Notices & Information for Candidates


2023 Unauthorised Items Poster September 23

IFC Coursework Assessments 2023 FINAL

IFC NE Assessments 2023 FINAL

IFC On Screen Examinations 2023 FINAL

IFC Written Examinations 2023 FINAL

Warning To Candidates 2023-24

Information For Candidates Privacy Notice 2023-24 

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Exam Policies 

23-24 Emergency Evacuation Exam Policy

23-24 Equalities Policy Exams

23-24 Exams Policy


Policy Access Arrangements Policy 2023-24

Policy Candidate Absence Policy 2023-24

Policy Candidate Identification Procedure 2023-24

Policy Candidate Late Arrival Policy 2023-24

Policy Certificate Issue Procedure And Retention Policy 2023-24

Policy Complaints And Appeals Procedure (Exams) 2023-24

Policy Conflicts Of Interest Policy (Exams) 2023-24

Policy Escalation Process 2023-24

Policy Exam Contingency Plan 2023-24

Policy Exams Archiving Policy 2023-24

Policy Food And Drink Policy (Exams) 2023-24

Policy Internal Appeals Procedure (internal Assessment Decisions) 2023-24

Policy Internal Appeals Procedure (Review Of Results And Appeals) 2023-24

Policy Leaving The Examination Room Policy 2023-24

Policy Lockdown Policy (Exams) 2023-24

Policy Malpractice Policy (Exams) 2023-24

Policy Managing Behaviour Policy (Exams) 2023-24

Policy Non Examination Assessment Policy 2023-24

Policy Overnight Supervision Arrangements Policy 2023-24

Policy Separate Invigilation Policy 2023-24

Policy Special Consideration Policy 2023-24

Policy Word Processor Policy (Exams) 2023-24

Ofqual information

Letter to students – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Coping With Exam Pressure A Guide For Students GOV.UK

Ofqual exam_checklist.01.pdf

Student guides

Preparing For Exams

Procrastination How To Beat It

How To Manage Your Time