General unauthorised absences:

The ‘Attendance Matters’ Guide stresses that punitive action is only taken against parents of students who have been informed that they are subject to a formal monitoring period; have been offered a meeting to discuss any issues and continue to have absences unsupported by medical evidence when it has been requested.

All Local GP surgeries have been provided with pre-printed slips that just need a surgery stamp or signature.  These are also available in our school Office and are provided to all parents who have been asked to provide medical evidence.

The School does not receive any money from any fines issued by the Local Authority. All Schools within the Nottinghamshire County Council area will be subject to these new terms in relation the code of conduct.

An authorised absence is any absence agreed between parents/carers and the school.  An unauthorised absence is anything that is not agreed by the school, Government regulations state that only the Academy can authorise absences, parents/carers cannot do this.


The Fixed Penalty Notice Guide explains (and as we have always stated) holidays are granted at the discretion of the Principal in extenuating circumstances only, we do communicate this frequently to all parents.

On a positive note, Sutton Community Academy is on target to achieve our best attendance figure ever and we thank all our supportive parents and conscientious students for this.


Fixed Penalty Notice Guidance

Attendance Matters

Loss of learning