DfE Performance Tables

Please note that this link can also be used to compare schools performance on the DFE compare schools website.

Results awarded to students in 2020 were from the Centre Assessed Grades submitted by teachers to the examination boards and were not based on the outcomes of examinations which did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The grades submitted were subject to a rigorous moderation process across our trust and reflect realistic levels of improvement expected in our academy.

KS4 Results

Number of Students93109109112
Attainment 841.439.240.743.0
Progress 8-0.02-0.21-0.06-0.25
Progress 8 Disadvantaged-0.07-0.31-0.51-3.9
Basics (English & Maths) 9-452%39%56%62%
Basics (English & Maths) 9-523%22%27%29%
Ebacc Entries70%62%62%65%
Ebacc APS-3.293.524.0

KS5 Results

A Levels2017201820192020
Average result25.3325.7627.3528.9
Average result (grade)C-C-C-C
Average result25.6226.3526.7928.00
Average result (grade)C-C-C-C
Applied General2017201820192020
Average resultDist+MeritMerit+Merit
Average result (grade)37.224.0928.1326.3