What will I study?

Music plays a huge part in our everyday lives, from a music alarm to wake us up, theme music for breakfast TV, personal mp3 listening and background music in shops. Then there’s the whole world of media, films, theatre etc. We are surrounded by music everyday of our lives and this all has to be composed, performed, recorded, promoted, and produced. Music technology is an essential and integral part of this process and employs millions of people worldwide.


During this course you will study how to record in our music studio, and research recording products. Alongside the practical work you will also study the impact that music technology has had in the twentieth century and its current place within the industry.


What does it combine with?

Music Technology combines well with many other subjects, particularly those with a technology or arts element. There is also a proven connection with mathematical based subjects.


Where can it lead?

There  are  many  careers  in  the  music  and  performing  arts  world  which  rely  on  an understanding  of  or  skills  in  music  technology  including……technical  theatre,  recording studios, multimedia, film and TV, games production etc.


You may be interested to know…

It is also a good basis for further study whether at diploma or degree level.


Entry requirements

Although not essential, studying Music or ICT at BTEC/GCSE would be a distinct advantage.