As temperatures are set to rise even higher tomorrow and red weather warnings are still in place, we have decided to make alterations to the timings of the school day for tomorrow (Tuesday 19th July) only in order to keep students and staff as comfortable as possible.

We are shortening lessons, this way students will get access to their normal curriculum, but lessons will be shorter, meaning that students have less time in the classrooms.

The timings of the school day for Tuesday 19th July will be as follows:

Tutor Time Period 1 Period 2 Break 1 Period 3 Break 2 Period 4
8.40-8.45am 8.45-9.35am 9.35-10.25am 10.25-10.50am 10.50-11.40am 11.40-12 noon 12-12.50pm


Students will be able to leave the school site at 12.50pm, before the peak of the temperature.

Any students who need to stay in school until 3pm will be able to do so and they will be relocated to an air- conditioned space in school and supervised until the end of the day.  These decisions are not taken lightly and we are trying to mitigate the impact on both students and staff in school during this unprecedented weather.

Condensed Day Letter