What will I study?

Understanding Biology is the key to understanding the development of life. Finding cures for diseases, tackling environmental issues and solving crimes through forensics are just some of the important roles a Biologist can play in society.

Topical issues such as disease, genetic engineering, DNA structure and the environment are all covered in A-Level Biology. You can expect to develop a wealth of knowledge on cells, organs, the treatment of diseases and human evolution, to give just a small sample of the areas covered.


What does it combine with?

This A-Level would combine well with Chemistry, Psychology or Geography.


Where can it lead to?

The A-Level in Biology is a highly regarded qualification that can lead to further study for a degree in medicine, nursing, veterinary science and animal care at university. Careers in medical professions such as dentistry or physiotherapy are accessible, as is work in the environmental and pharmaceutical research fields.

You might be interested to know…

The teaching staff on this course come with many years of experience in teaching.


Entry requirements

Science GCSE grade 6 above