Independent learning

There is a huge emphasis on independent learning in the Sixth Form. You will be expected to organise your own time and actively support your studies by completing additional work outside of the classroom. You may be expected to research a topic and to present it to a small group of Post 16 students, a skill that is vital in work and university life. The role of a Post 16 teacher is for guidance and support throughout these transitional, independent years.

Post-16 Pastoral Care & Performance Monitoring

All Post-16 students will have a personal tutor. The tutor will register their form and mentor each student for a one-to-one session of around 20 minutes on a regular basis during a review period. The meeting will focus on reviewing data. From the meetings, targets will be set for the future. Any issues raised will be dealt with to ensure the student maintains good progress. We have a very clear system in the Sixth Form of monitoring and checking every student to ensure that all students reach their full potential.