Independent learning

There is a huge emphasis on independent learning in the Sixth Form. You will be expected to organise your own time and actively support your studies by completing additional work outside of the classroom. You may be expected to research a topic and to present it to a small group of Post 16 students – for example – a skill that is vital in work and university life. The role of a Post 16 teacher is for guidance and support throughout these transitional, independent years.

Post-16 Pastoral Care & Performance Monitoring

All SCA6 students will have a personal tutor. The tutor will register their form and meet with their students for 20 minutes each day, as well as offering the opportunity for one-to-one meetings and a single point-of-contact, as needed. The daily meetings will focus on a range of areas such as future planning, personal development, UCAS applications, and progress reviews. In our progress review, targets will be set for the futureand any issues can be raised and dealt with to ensure the students maintain good progress. We have a very clear system in the Sixth Form of monitoring and checking every student to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential.

Our facilities

We’re committed to the continuous improvement of our Post 16 provision; as part of this, we’re planning major updates to our facilities to help us better support our students throughout their time with us. We already have a dedicated Sixth Form area, with spaces for students to complete independent study uninterrupted, access IT facilities, as well as relax during their free time. Lessons are often also taught in this area, with dedicated Post-16 classrooms, whilst other subjects such as science, art, photography and catering are taught in specialist areas of the Academy.

Homework Policy

We expect our students to take a forward thinking approach to homework. Additional out-of-school learning is set to help students develop their subject knowledge and the key independent learning skills that they will need as they progress into higher education or their careers. Homework also helps us to track your progress and keep you on target.

Sixth Form Ambassadors

Within our Sixth Form, two students from Years 12 and 13 will be voted in as the Sixth Form Ambassadors. Part of their role will be to assist the Sixth Form pastoral team and deliver Sixth Form (and occasional lower school) Year Meetings. These posts are very coveted and the students who undertake them are expected to represent the academy at various events. This accolade is excellent on application forms for employment, college or university. Students also form a committee who are responsible for the social activities that take part in the Sixth Form, such as the May Ball.