You will have much more freedom regarding what you wear to SCA now you are in the Sixth Form. We ask that you consider what is appropriate to wear to school as a member of Year 12.

 The following are NOT permitted:

  • Caps/hats –  headgear can be worn to school but not inside
  • Tracksuits
  • Trainers with bright colours/logos
  • Crop tops, vests, low cut tops
  • Shorts that do not fully cover thighs
  • Football tops
  • Distressed/torn denim

You are allowed:

  • Facial piercings – Maximum of two piercings in ears (studs only). One nose stud (not hoops or septum). No other visible piercings are permitted.
  • Jewellery – one ring, one bracelet, one watch
  • 3mm nails / one nail varnish colour
  • One ‘natural’ colour of hair