GCSE Maths and English RESIT

All students who have yet to pass GCSE English and/or Mathematics at a grade C or above will undertake resits in these subjects.

Leading Literacy

Students will be given the opportunity to support classes lower down in the school either supporting in the classroom or listening to students read.  This experience is invaluable and shows employers/universities the confidence and ability to ‘stick with something’ that is so desirable when competing for places and jobs.


Work Experience

All Vocational and Brickwork course students will complete a work placement for one day each week.  Every Sixth Former is expected to complete some work experience throughout the year as this provides an abundance of experience and skills which are invaluable for applying for higher education or moving into a full time job.  Students are expected to organise their own placements, with some support, and for the majority the work experience will take place towards the end of the Year 12.


Sixth Form Committee

Students form a committee who are responsible for the social activities that take part in the Sixth Form, such as The May Ball.








Homework Policy

Homework is set on a regular basis and is expected to be completed by all students.  Careful monitoring by teachers, tutors and Heads of Year is in place.  The LRC is available solely for the use of Sixth Formers to complete work in private study time.  Homework is set via the academy portal.


Community Support and Charity Work

Students will be encouraged to participate in various community enterprises and collectively as a year group they will choose a charity in which to raise money for.  The students will then organise a whole event in which they raise money for their chosen charity.


Sixth Form Ambassadors

Two students from Years 12 and 13 will be voted in as the Sixth Form Ambassadors. Part of their role will be to assist the Sixth Form pastoral team and deliver Sixth Form (and occasional lower school) Year Meetings. These posts are very coveted and the students who undertake them are expected to represent the academy at various events; this accolade is excellent on application forms for employment, college or university.