A message from our Principal…

Welcome to Sutton Community Academy

Over the coming months you will be supporting your children as they consider the next stage of their education. You will be wanting them to gain the very best foundation for their chosen future, whether for university, further education or employment. A wide range of personal and academic skills, recognised by employers and universities, will be the strong foundation needed by all young people, to adapt to the flexibility of a rapidly changing world. This year our Sixth Form achieved the best results ever.

The Sixth Form at Sutton Community Academy provides a wide range of courses. We have a proven, and continually improving track record for the success of our students both in gaining academic success and gaining places at university and employment.

Combined with this wide range of A-Level and vocational courses we have a very broad and challenging enrichment programme for our Sixth Form which includes: key skills for future study and employment, finance courses, personal, social and health education, community action and enterprise business opportunities, and a sports and recreation facility. Students will also have the opportunity to further develop their character by involving themselves with The Edge as well as our efforts as a WE School.

We know students very well, and because of this we can guide them onto courses which suit their needs and offer them the best chance of success. We are also accepting more students from other schools within the local area due to our continued growing reputation within the community and nationally.

We want students who are well-organised, adaptable, hard-working, good team workers and who can think for themselves and communicate well with others.

The Sixth Form at Sutton Community Academy is very well placed to offer what students need.

Please do not hesitate to contact Angela Finn, Sixth Form Co-ordinator, if you have any questions about our post-16 provision.

May I wish you and your sons and daughters all the best for the next phase of their education.

Mr Butterell

Mr Butterell