What will I study?











What does it combine with?

There are a number of A-Levels that would complement business studies. A-Level Mathematics, English language, Law and History are all relevant in terms of content or skills used to succeed in these subjects.


Where can it lead to?

Many students have continued their studies at university level on a wide range of courses. Degree options ranging from economics, finance and accounting to management, enterprise and e-business, are all possible routes into higher education. A-Level Business Studies students will be equipped to enter the real world of business in almost any occupation in the private sector. This course will give you an early taste of many possible careers (including accountancy, marketing and personnel management) as well as being a valuable precursor to university level courses in business-related fields.


Entry requirements

There are no previous learning requirements. Any requirements for entry to this course are at the discretion of Sutton Community Academy.