What will I study?

Chemistry has a huge impact on our lives. This course links chemical theory to real life applications. From the development of new medicines and consumer goods to how we control levels of pollution, the study of Chemistry plays an exciting and important role in the modern age and the future.

An A-Level in Chemistry will help you build and develop your knowledge of chemical processes through a good mixture of both practical and theory based work. Core areas will include physical and organic chemistry, thermodynamics, atomic structure and experimental investigations.

We currently deliver the OCR A-Level course that covers the three areas of chemistry; physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry over two years. The programme of study builds upon the studies from Year 10 and 11.


What does it combine with?

A-Level Chemistry will complement Biology, Physics, Maths and Forensics.


Where can it lead to?

The chemistry A-Level can lead on to degree courses and further study of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, pharmacology, food science, nursing and physiotherapy. A-Level chemistry is highly recommended for biology, forensic science, geology and various environmental science courses.

You might be interested to know…

An A-Level in Chemistry is well regarded in general by universities when selecting candidates for more challenging degree courses.


Entry requirements

Science GCSE grade 6 or above