Why study Politics?

At the age of 18 everyone receives that fundamental societal right of being able to vote. It is your duty to therefore be as informed as possible when making such a big decision. This course will ensure that you are aware of what is going on in today’s society, in today’s world and more importantly why these things are happening. We will explore the ins and outs of the UK government in Year 12 and move on to politics in America in Year 13 how they came to be, what they consist of and whether or not they are the most effective political systems to be used.


Year 12

Unit 1: People and Politics

This unit introduces students to the key channels of communication between government and the people. Asking students to analyse some of the key systems already in place such as referendums, political parties and pressure groups.

Unit 2: Governing the UK

This unit introduces students to the major governmental processes within the UK. It encourages them to develop a critical understanding of the role and effectiveness of key institutions, and of the relationship between them.


Year 13

Year 13 we will be looking at Government in the USA as well as exploring the relationship and differences between different political ideologies.


Entry requirements

Students need to achieve a level 5 in English.