What will I study?

Historian Arthur Marwick commented – ‘History is to society as memory is to the individual’ and we feel at Sutton Community Academy that this explains the importance of history today. We encourage students to study a wide range of historical time periods in order for them to really get a sense of the importance of history and how it has impacts in every part of the world. In Year 12, students look at Germany 1919-1963 and the Early Tudors 106–60. Whilst in Year 13, we focus on an in-depth study of Russia 1855-1964 and on coursework based module on America between World War One and World War Two.


What can it combine with?

History is a diverse subject where you are taught to analyse and dissect information in order to present a hypothesis; therefore it combines well with most subjects. Our current students also study Maths and the Sciences as it gives them the opportunity to maintain an English based subject as well as other students who focus more on the English Literature and Law aspect in order to complement each of the subjects with the focus of writing skills and developed analysis


Where can it lead?

Some of the most important people in the country today are History graduates. Previous Prime Minister for the Labour Party, Gordon Brown studied History as did the founder of the Body Shop, Dame Anita Roddick. Therefore History can lead you into all types of professions from Public to Business, from Journalism to being a Pop Star (Shakira). History allows all students to challenge perceptions, propose and formulise a theory and to be able to back up that theory through knowledge which is essential for all professions.


You might be interested to know…

History is a very highly respected subject at Sutton Community Academy where students consistently achieve well. We also have a number of students who continue to study History at University including the Universities of Oxford and Chester.

We also organise a number of trips including Berlin, Germany in Year 13 and the opportunity for two students to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland.  Students are also given the opportunity to attend lectures by examiners in both Year 12 and 13 to help broaden their knowledge of the subject and develop their study skills.


Entry requirements

Students need to achieve at least a 4 in History and four other subjects.