Our Languages Staff

The Languages Department consists of five experienced, specialist members of staff who teach French and Spanish at KS3, GCSE and A Level.

The Subjects

French and Spanish.

Subject Information

Key Stage 3 Modules:

Myself, school, hobbies, my home, holidays, TV, Paris, my social life, health, the future, life as a teenager.

Key Stage 4 Modules:

Identity and Culture, Local Area, Holiday and Travel, School, Future Aspirations, Study and Work, International and Global Dimensions.

Key Stage 5 Modules:

Family,Technology, Music, Film, Cinema,Social Issues, Aspects of Political life in French speaking countries. In addition, students study French text from a list supplied by the exam board.

The Curriculum


Year 7
All students study French. Year 7 is an introductory year in which students develop language skills whilst also building up vocabulary and grammar.

Year 8
Year 8 French builds on language learnt in year 7. In addition, students study tenses in more depth and begin to write longer texts. Most students begin to study Spanish as a second foreign language.

Year 9
In year 9, students start working towards the Edexcel GCSE qualification in both French and Spanish

Year 10 and 11
Students choose to continue to study either French or Spanish at GCSE level. Students can opt to study both languages if they wish

Year 12 and 13
French and Spanish are offered at A level.

Teaching and Learning

Students are taught the language skills and strategies needed to become independent learners.  We have an active approach to teaching and learning which includes regular use of technology and interactive activities in the classroom and regular use of the ICT Suite.  The topics are of interest to young people and assessment is differentiated. All languages classes are taught in sets according to ability.