What will I study?


Throughout the A-Level course, you will study different areas of Law. In Year 12 Criminal Law, you will learn about different violent offences, ranging from assault and battery to GBH, as well as property offences such as theft and robbery. You will also look at areas of Tort Law, including negligence and nuisance. In Year 13, you will continue with Criminal Law, examining the law on murder and manslaughter, whilst in Tort you will gain a deeper understanding of Occupiers’ Liability. You will also explore Human Rights Law, focussing on some key rights, such as the right to life and freedom of expression.


You will also look at different aspects of the English Legal System, to gain understanding of how laws are created and how the court systems operate. You will learn about the different sources of law as well as the people involved in the legal system, and the roles that they play. You will also study different legal concepts, such as the relationship between law and morality and law and justice.


How is the course assessed?


Paper 1: English Legal System and Criminal Law                       33%

Paper 2: English Legal System and Tort Law                                33%

Paper 1: English Legal System and Human Rights Law          33%


What does it combine with?


Law A-Level would complement courses in History, Sociology, Psychology, English Literature, and Media Studies.


What can it lead to?


Careers as a Solicitor, Barrister, legal advisor, probation worker, police officer, social worker and teacher are all possible pathways for Law students. The skills you gain studying Law and well-respected by all industries and can be transferred to a huge array of careers.

You may be interested to know…


Trips to visit the Houses of Parliament in London are likely, as well as the Supreme Court of Justice where possible. We also visit Nottingham Crown Court, the National Justice Museum and watch current cases be heard.