Reading Programmes

We believe everyone can be a successful learner and have the chance to reach his or her full potential. With this in mind, throughout Key Stage 3 our pupils follow the Accelerated Reader programme. This involves all students and promotes reading for meaning by enabling the pupils to read a range of texts for pleasure. Once they have read their chosen book they quiz and are given a score. They then have personalised discussion with their class teacher to see how they can advance to the next stage. Students who have difficulties accessing the Accelerated reader programme follow an alternative reading programme called Dockside. This is supported by the Learning Support Department and may include further literacy interventions and extra one to one reading support using a programme called Switch on.

Students reading age, in KS3, is regularly assessed in order to ensure that they can make progress not only in their reading lessons, but in all subjects within school. Alongside Accelerated Reader, we actively promote reading for pleasure and endeavour to provide a diverse range of reading formats including audiobooks and eResources, alongside more traditional print resources, for readers of all abilities and interest levels. Our Librarian also offers a comprehensive induction programme to new students and actively promotes reading and literacy through library lessons, annual literacy events and competitions. Each Year 7 also receives a free book in their first term as part of the BookBuzz initiative.

Reading for pleasure is something that, as a school we are eager to instil in our students. We plan to run a range of whole school events such as Harry Potter Day, Roald Dahl Day, National Poetry Day, and World Book Week, including opportunities for students to work much more closely with guest authors in bespoke workshops.

Reading is a way to allow our pupils to engage with different time periods, different ideologies, and different lifestyles. We aim to produce well rounded and thoughtful young adults and as such encourage them to find their own voice and develop their own way of thinking. Diverse reading is a way of supporting this ideology. At GCSE our pupils are offered challenging reading materials from a wide range of authors, both traditional and canonical to modern authors who challenge thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. As our students mature their reading is broadened not only through the study of English in Key Stage 4, but also through their own reading for pleasure, which in turn enables all of our students to achieve their potential.

A Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader