What will I study?

A-Level Mathematics (7357) will be studied in two years.  This course will enable you to demonstrate your recall of information, draw together information from different areas of the specification and apply your knowledge and understanding in practical and theoretical contexts.  There will be three examinations of 2 hours each assessing coordinate geometry, trigonometry, logarithms, calculus, vectors, statistical measures and mechanics.  All three examinations must be sat and are equally weighted towards the final grade.   The examination board will be AQA.


What does it combine with?

The mathematical skills you learn in A-Level Mathematics are of great benefit in other A-Level subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Geography, Psychology, Economics and Business Studies.


When can it lead to?

Studying Mathematics helps you develop skills in logical thinking and statistical or strategic knowledge, which are valued by employers across many job sectors.

The Mathematics A-Level can lead to work in many well paid professions, including Doctor, Architect, Accountant, Engineer.

An A-Level in Mathematics is highly regarded by universities and potential employers.

Some university courses require an A-Level in Mathematics for you to be able to apply for the course.


You might be interested to know…

For progression to many courses at university it is important to have strong mathematics skills.  For most Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics degree courses Mathematics is a requirement.


Entry requirements

Grade 7 or above in Mathematics.

Grade 6 will mean there will be a trial period of four weeks before being accepted onto the course.