Sutton Community Academy has been invited to participate in a dual testing exercise.  The Testing Quality Assurance is due to run from 5th October 2021 to 15th October 2021 after which the school will revert to current testing. Students who are doing twice weekly rapid tests at home can also collect one postal PCR kit from the school.  


Students are asked to take one additional PCR test swab when they do their next rapid (LFD) test, and then complete a quick and simple online form. Further details are included in the Participant Information Sheet which will be included with the PCR test kit.  Participation is voluntary but we encourage you to participate where possible.   

 If you are happy for your child to participate in this exercise, please ask your child to collect a PCR test kit from school. These will be available from a stall opposite the reception vending machines at both break on Tuesday 5th October. They will also be available to collect at the start and end of the day from reception from Wednesday 6th until Friday 15th October. 

Please see the letter guides for more information: 

PCR Testing Kit Letter

Step by Step Addendum

Participant Information Sheet