Your Safeguarding Team

Our role is to keep students and staff safe.

  • Stacey Anderson (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Angie Walker (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Michelle Harwood (Alternate Safeguarding Lead)

Our LOLAs are also trained as alternate DSLs

  • Richard Carlin, Jude Durrant, Tom Hicks, Jen Richardson, Barry Marshall, Clare Little, Neil Groves, Angela Finn.


Michelle Harwood / Jayne Waterfield

Designated teacher for Children in Care

Michelle Harwood

Attendance Lead

Claire Mellor

Safeguarding Governor

Paula Shrubsole

Chair of Governors

Peter Crowe

Your Mental Health First Aiders

Students can request to see a mental health first aider.

  • Jayne Waterfield
  • Jimmy Rutter

We also employ a trained counsellor to work with students who require increased levels of support. Where required, we will engage external agencies to ensure the right level of support is in place.

Blue Button

Students can press the ‘I Want To Talk’ button on any page within their homework portal and a member of staff will speak to them in school (usually the LOLA). The blue button can be pressed at any time and the staff member will seek out the student once school day begins.


Safeguarding for Parents

The following documents are designed to give extra guidance to parents on safeguarding issues:

Internet safety and digital piracy
Online safety tips for parents
Staying safe leaflet
How to spot if young people are being exploited by gangs/ drug crime




Working Together to Safeguard Children


Keeping Children Safe in Education

Help and Support for Students and Parents – Useful Links

This list of useful websites has been drawn up to help parents advise their children, on some of the issues often faced by young people. It is also a useful resource for students who are looking for information on any of these topics.

These are trusted and informative websites with advice that is also followed in school.

Parents can always speak to their child’s form tutor, LOLA or another member of the pastoral team for support on any of these issues.

Please click for advice on:


Stress and Emotional Wellbeing
Mental Health Issues
Internet Safety (Advice for Parents)
Health Worries
Young Carers
Child Exploitation and Online Protection command

If you are concerned about a member of staff or volunteer:

If your concern is about a member of staff or volunteer please report your concern to the Designated Safeguarding Lead immediately.  If your concern is about the Principal please report your concern to the Chair of Governors, Peter Crowe.