Year 9 Subject Evening Letter – 15/16th June

On Tuesday15th June and Wednesday 16th June we will be hosting our Year 9 Subject Evening, following the success of our previous evenings we have run virtually, using our new online system. Whilst we are not expecting any issues, feedback from your experience of using the system is welcome.

At home, you will need an electronic device with camera and microphone capabilities (such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone) alongside a broadband connection to mobile telephone with data.

Please note that each appointment is 5 minutes long and the software will end this once the timer reaches zero. This is important as it ensures that all students and their families have a fair opportunity to obtain feedback from the Academy. If anything becomes unclear throughout the event which requires more than this length of time to discuss, please arrange with the teacher another opportunity to discuss further.

Prior to the evening, you will be required to book your appointments with your child’s teachers. Please note that appointments with Mrs Durrant, Ms Finn, Mrs Jarvis, Mrs Lupton and Mrs Runnalls are only available on Wednesday 16th June. The system will only allow you to book an appointment when a particular member of staff is available.

For help and support on how to use the system please find instructions and a video tutorial here.

You can book these appointments by clicking this direct link: